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As GEC we have gained rich experience in operating and managing trade fair grounds. We are successful consultants for international investors, local authorities and venue owners all over the world. In a nutshell: We are the first choice for your questions in trade fair management.

Our services include the following:


Feasibility Study

Ground work for the next steps: we will analyze the market for you (market study), structure business fields (operational concept) and give you scientific recommendations on the legal side (legal structure) and financials (financial structuring and business plan) of your venture.

Planning and Construction - General Project Management

In the Design Review, we will help you analyze and assess different designs with regard to the functional and economic demands.

Set - up

As final step in the hardware development process, we can provide support during the facility audit, performance testing and reporting on all equipment and systems.

Operation – Support and Provision

GEC develops customer service solutions which will help you to concentrate on your business (Management Set-up). And, we will consult you in the maintenance of your facilities providing long-term and realistic perspective (Operation Set-Up).

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